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there's no reports of injuries. russian officials say they don't have confirmed figures or reports of damage. a large asteroid is set to streak by earth at 11:30 our time tomorrow. but there's no confirmation that this meteorite is connected to that. we'll follow this breaking story and bring you more information when we get it. now, to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. it's a prank that could leave people seriously hurt or killed. it's called s.w.a.t.'ing. it's a growing trend in southern california and making its way up here. it happened with a woman having guns drawn right at her. what is this? >> it's called s.w.a.t.'ing because it usually involves a call that reports a violent crime. officers got reports of shots fire.
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a man barricading himself inside a house, holding people hostage. instead, all officers found was a terrified woman. it began with a call to police at 2:00 in the morning. >> you open the door. there were floodlights. they started yelling at me to put my hands in the air. >> reporter: lori said when she got beyond the fence of her driveway, she came face-to-face with eight san mateo officers, each pointing a gun right at her. >> when there's so many guns on you, somebody could have made a mistake and thought i was doing something that was threatening. so, it was frightening. >> her next door neighbor said police officers spoke with him to identify her identity. simon said he was shocked by the response. >> like they would go on an nonmouse call. >> reporter: officers have to
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respond and take each case seriously. >> the officers are ready, willing and able to take action if they need to preserve safety in the community. >> reporter: half a dozen s.w.a.t.'ing cases in san mateo. but points to a growing trend in southern california. that's where prosecutors have charged a 12-year-old boy for a s.w.a.t.'ing prank that sent lapd officers to ashton kutcher's home in october. the lapd is asking the city attorney to produce felony charges and make s.w.a.t.eres pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. for lori, the nightmare hasn't ended. and the questions keep on coming. >> in the back of my mind, you wonder, is somebody targeting me? what's next? i have to try to keep that out of my mind. >> reporter: now, sergeant norris says no one is in custody for this morning's s.w.a.t.'ing incident. it's difficult to get the spoofed phone numbers.
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but investigators are following some leads. various california lawmakers have introduced bills that would make the s.w.a.t.ers face jail time and suspension. they triumphed over four hellish days at sea. carnival cruise ship passengers have disembarking from "the triumph," and making their way to land. the ocean odyssey with no power, little food and less than desirable accommodations has come to an end. the cruise ship towed to port this evening. jay gray from mobile, alabama. they must have been happy to set foot on that dock. >> reporter: no question about that, jessica. many are off the crippled cruise liner now. you can see it's behind me.
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the wait is over. you can see the buss that a lot of people are loading on to. either going back to galveston tonight or to new orleans where they will spend a night in a hotel before flying back tomorrow. the horn sounded as "triumph" finally pulled into the port after four days of suffering with more than 4,000 on the ship. >> smoke coming down the halls. someone banging with their life vest on. grab your life vest. head to the lifeboat. we thought we were going to die. >> reporter: as the ship inched into mobile bay today, there were signs of frustration and fear onboard. and a problem when a tug line suddenly snapped. we had to replace that towline. >> reporter: delaying arrival at the terminal in mobile by several hours. and frustrating at least 100 family members waiting for their loved ones at the port.
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>> not a good scenario. but tell us the damn truth. we haven't heard anything truthful to my knowledge. >> reporter: it's going to take some time for all of the passengers to get back on dry land. >> we're going to get out of sight on this boat. and we're going to stop at mcdonald's. it's nice to see civilization again. >> reporter: no doubt worth the wait, after what for most have been the longest and most difficult trip of their lives. it's a journey that for thousands will include another bus ride or plane ride back to texas where this wild trip started. >> thank you very much, jay. a deadly valentine's day in east san jose. a man and a woman found shot to death. victims of an apparent murder/suicide. it happened along the 800 block of bermuda way.
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police believe the two were romantically involved and that the man shot the woman and then shot himself. there was a third person in the house at the time of the shooting. >> he was present inside the residence at the time. heard the gunfire. went upstairs to investigate. found the bodies and alerted the police department. >> police have not released the names of the victims. but both were in their 20s. they don't have a motive for the shooting yet. leland yee describes for the first time the death threat made against him by a man in santa clara. on monday, investigators found dangerous materials used to make explosives at the home of cedric basham. he was making a threat to a public official. yee says he received the threat via e-mail last month. >> the author of that threat stated if i did not cease our
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efforts to deal with gun violence, that he would assassinate me in or around the capitol. >> basham, who at one point worked with steve wozniak, is also accused of illegally possessing a weapon in his car in sunnyvale. necessity may be the mother of invention. but it may be the father, too. two bay area dads who do not want to see a newtown school massacre happen here, have come up with their own plans of action. george kiriyama joins us live from palo alto with how cash and guns in this case go together, george. >> that's right. we've seen gun buybacks before. but this one is happening because of two passionate fathers. they both don't want to see their children or community hurt. >> the event makes you sick to your stomach. it was a horrendous tragedy. and i think, like, you know,
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like everybody we struggled how to respond. >> reporter: it was painful for roger lee and james cook to watch the images from newtown, connecticut. they thought of their own children who attend elementary school in palo alto. and they knew they had to do something. >> we felt it was appropriate to take action into our own hands and do what we could to protect our own children. >> reporter: their idea, a gun buyback event. roger created a nonprofit, protect our children. the mission, to raise $50,000, enough money to give to people who turn in their guns. >> there's a clear desire to give back their own weapons. it appears there's a lot of interest in people selling their guns and making the community safer. >> reporter: for the first time ever, three police departments are coming together to take guns off the street. menlo park, aloe alto and east
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palo alto will take the guns with no questions asked. >> there's cash, no requests asked. we'll accept the gun. >> reporter: depending on the type of gun, a person can expect to receive $100 to $300 back. >> to me, we've got to do something. so, i know it will be effective because i know we will get guns off the street. >> reporter: lee and cook believe they'll be able to collect 500 guns. they feel they're making a difference. >> we'll all sleep better at night, knowing that within five miles of where we live and where our children go to school, if there's 300, 500 fewer guns in that community, we'll all feel safer. >> reporter: if you want to turn in your guns, the gun buyback will happen at east palo alto city hall. again, no questions asked. it's an illegal industry with deadly consequences.
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>> he was supposed to contend. >> how the pills are put in the hands of teenagers. >> i have come across a doctor that was exchanging sex for prescriptions. >> tonight, how investigators are saying more doctors are turning legal medications into illegal drugs. and we're following another developing story. these are live pictures outside a courthouse in south africa where the olympian known as the blade runner is set to appear any moment. he's facing charges he shot and killed his supermodel girlfriend. we're continuing our breaking news out of russia. that may be a meteorite strike.
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we have an update on developing news regarding one of the most famous athletes in the world. here's a live picture from south africa, where it's friday morning. oscar pistorius is expected at any moment for a bail hearing. he's accused of murdering his girlfriend. police arrested the 26-year-old at his home where his 30-year-old model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp was found shot four times. police say pistorius is the only suspect. he made global headlines just last summer and was nicknamed the blade runner because of his prosthetic legs. his bail hearing is set to get under way at any moment. police say they will oppose bail. medical examiners have positively identified the body of former los angeles police
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officer, christopher dorner. his charred remains were found in that cabin in big bear. dorner was i.d.'d through dental records. he died tuesday after a shoot-out with police, followed by a fire in that cabin where he hid for many days. pope benedict's decision to step down came as a surprise to many people. but it wasn't the only thing the pontiff kept under wraps. the pope injured himself during a visit to mexico last year. think also say he has a pace maker. and three months ago, he underwent an option to replace the battery. and a monastery on the vatican has been remodeled. there's new hope for thousands of americans with a specific form of vision loss. the fda has approved the
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first-ever artificial eye fitted on a pair of glasses. the bionic eye, is approved for people with retinitis pigme pigmentosa. allows to see safely to navigate a room and perform other tasks. it's not mom and dad's medicine cabinet anymore. teens are scoring prescription drugs like vicodin and xanax the old-fashioned way. pill mills are popping up with alarming frequency and with deadly consequences. >> just a sweet boy. >> reporter: he was just 21. >> it's so hard. >> reporter: when joey rivero visited an orange county doctor and walked out with prescriptions for painkillers. >> nine days later, joey was
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dead. >> reporter: it was a few months before he was set to graduate from arizona state. the coroner found a cocktail of oxycontin, xanax and other pills in his system. >> he should never have had those medications prescribed to him. >> reporter: the doctor he saw is behind bars on $3 million bail, facing three counts of second-degree murder, for recklessly prescribing powerful painkillers and sedatives to joey and two other young men. all of them overdosed. >> i don't want her ever to prescribing to children or anybody again. >> reporter: her client, a cal grad and chinese immigrant was not street smart and should have kept better records. but is innocent of the charges against her. behind marijuana, prescribed bi pills are the second-most common
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drugs today. tina bowles, said she was the only cop focused on prescription drug abuse. >> it's going to run wild. these cases pile up. >> reporter: by more than 90% in the last two years. that's according to her estimate. bowles focused all of her time on pill mills, clinics where doctors overprescribe on purpose. >> she sends them to a shady pharmacist that will go ahead and fill the prescription, take their money or even overcharge them. at that point, the person becomes dependent on that drug. some of the people benefiting with a lot of cash, the doctor would get a kickback. i have come across a doctor that was exchanging sex for prescriptions. >> reporter: why now? well, bowles believe street drugs are harder to get. and prescription drugs have a higher resale value, especially pills like oxycontin. >> if they have a 35 milligram
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pill, it's $35. if they get $80, some pharmacists would charge over $100 per pill. >> reporter: santa clara county deputy attorney says they need to look at the problem. two doctors were arrested in 2012, accused of running bill mills. one facing involuntary manslaughter charges after one of her patients died. >> when there's not a legitimate reason for giving that amount of prescription, that type of prescription, when they're excessively prescribing, all of those things can make it illegal. >> reporter: but the attorneys for both doctors tell us evidence is on their clients' side that will prove their innocence. >> with teenagers, in the last ten years, there's been a 300% increase with treating them for addiction with these hard drugs. >> reporter: investigators say tracking the pill mills has become difficult, with operators
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switching from seedy locations to places like los gatos and campbell. >> areas that are least suspect. a little nicer. also, with people. >> reporter: a problem sprouting up around the bay area, with few resources to fight it. >> northern california is still pretty fertile grounds. it's skyrocketing out of control. >> that was joey's 20th birthday. >> reporter: this mother says she deals with pain no pill could ever take away. now, she's trying to make sure no pill will take away another life. >> he was suppose to continue. and it's unconscionable that he's gone. he should be here with us. >> joey's mom now works full-time for a nonprofit that she founded after his death. and it's dedicated to raising awareness about prescription drug abuse. it is an uphill legal battle for her family and others. doctors are rarely charged with
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any kind of homicide charges were overprescribing meds. let's bring in jeff raineri. we've been talking about that meteorite that crashed to the ground in russia. it's amazing to see. do you have more details for us? >> we have a locater on this and bullet points of what's happening. 930 miles off to the east of moscow. again, a meteor shower. out of that, we heard reports that one of those was potentially a very large meteorite. and for many of you that are not so savvy with space, meteorite is space debris that passes through the atmosphere. and at some point, it makes impact with earth. we think that's what happened in central russia. and traveling at high and dangerous speeds. in terms of reports of injuries or damages, we have reports of windows that have been shattered. but nothing on any major injuries, i should say. let's take you outside to our live camera network. we don't have unusual space
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activity down here in the silicon valley. we have poor air quality we're monitoring. but generally clear skies in the south bay. north to san francisco, we're looking at very, very excellent visibility right now, even up to the north bay. bring you back into the weather boards. tomorrow morning, we can't rule it patchy fog in the north bay. santa rosa, 36. napa, 37. san jose with 42. and los gatos at 43. for tomorrow, daytime highs should top out mild at this time of the year. on your friday, low and mid 70s. 73 in the almaden valley. and 71 in los gatos. thinking of heading up to the sierra? we have great weather up at squaw valley with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s on saturday. the ski lifts will be going. not only at squaw valley but also at alpine meadows on our
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tahoe report. base there at 56 inches. on the forecast, we keep the sunny skies and the dry weather all the way through sunday. temperatures are starting to cool off by sunday. and some changes you may want here. we had such a dry 2013 so far. only ten days with rain. and for many of you, less than an inch in all of 2013. not a big storm. but we do think at this point, we have a very good chance of some rain there on tuesday and also on wednesday. and by the way, happy valentine's day. just ahead, private jets for average joes. sort of. it's an idea that's taking off here in the bay area.
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forget southwest and united. how about flying on a private jet? there's a new company called blackjet. it finds seats on private jets to fly its members wherever they want to go.
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it launched its bay area operation today. here's the skinny. they say it's like uber but uber for private jets. you pay a $2,500 membership fee. then, you book your flights. blackjet is aimed at spontaneous travelers who has some money to burn.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman in our comcast sports net studio. bring training in full bloom. bad news out of a's camp to start. grant balfour underwent average to repair a torn knee on sunday. ryan cook is expected to take over the closer duties for now. big night in college hoops.
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gaels down three. st. mary's up one at the half. second half, all zags. the block and kevin pango takes it in for the playup. cal hosting ucla. first half action. tyrone wallace misses the runner. but richard solomon is there to clean it up. putback jam put cal up by seven. later in the half, cal up 19. allen crabe. mike montgomery and the bears roll. and one more college hoops score to pass your way. stanford calls to usc by one point. 65-64. i'm dave feldman. the news continues after this.
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let the feathers fly. the great san francisco pillow fight marked the valentine's day annual event. but the cleanup, that lasts a long time. crews will be workingover night sweeping up the mess. why didn't we do that here tonight? >> man. tough love. look at those swings. >> i notice the women are getting more of a kick out of it than the guys. >> it's real vengeance for the women here. >> i didn't want that. >> thanks for watching. i hope you had a great valentine's day. >> bye-bye. good night. you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪
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[ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> announcer: it's "the tonight
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show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- animal expert jarod miller. from "justified," timothy olyphant. the music of colbie caillat and gavin degraw. and "valentine's dayove advice" with jim norton. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jay: thank you! thank you! welcome to "the tonight show." thank you. thank you. and -- thank you. thank you. wow! wow! what a cheap-ass valentine! free tickets to a tv show. [ laughter ] hope you all had a nice valentine's day. hey, here's one of these trivia facts. did you know that on this day in the year 269 a.d., st. valentine was beaten and beheaded? you know why? he forgot valentine's day. that's why. [ laughter ] he forgot -- [ applause ] you know -- on -- on yahoo!, they were giving guys tips on how to buy lingerie for valentine's day. for example, they said if it's too expensive, like, if you buy something too expensive, she'll feel obligated to we

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